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How Artificial Intelligence Can Revolutionize Mobile Application Development

Mobile apps are frequently advancing and computing (AI) is quickly empowering this evolution with additional intuitive apps getting into the market. A thousand of apps enter into the market, products need to stand in the market and meet the ever-rising client standards.

Mobile Application did not understand the language of the users. It is communication between the users and the device where AI technology understands the message and responds. AI get the info from the present data sets to understand the current situations and predict the outcome. AI’s learning capacity and adaptability allow business. Let’s see look at what makes an App intelligent.


AI and e-commerce

Personalization is currently turning into the norm for e-commerce businesses that need to line themselves apart and merchants trying to find ways to offer custom-made buying experiences to each individual customer. This is an important part of developing searching apps as it offers the fundamentals of predictive and personal experiences.

AI and Home Automation

AI also making the lives life easier at home by becoming an integral element of automated devices. Home automation becoming a growing trend today as user buying the devices that make his life more comfortable and enjoyable. Maximum of the companies are seen the market and investing in this technology as the avail android and iPhone app development services. Some of the emergence of AI-based platforms such as Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant, is serving as a shot in the arm for the mobile apps that want to explore the potential of this technology.

Artificial Intelligence and Business

AI offers incredible potential and power to the business of all the categories. Users requirement is increasing day by day. So, businesses need to serve personalization to keep pace and this is something that only AI can help them with. To smartening up the business processes such as supplying process, manufacturing. This makes businesses smarter in all the aspects.
Since the benefits of implementing AI in different business platforms, most of the business wants to invest in such applications that help him to grow business. If you are looking for the app developers that fulfill your requirements. iPhone developers is a renowned service provider that provides top quality of advanced mobile application based on the latest trends and technologies. Contact us today to hire iPhone developers with the good skill and experience that having a powerful AI-based mobile app for your business.

If you are looking to build iPhone app, Infograins Software Solutions is best iPhone development company. We have a team of high experience and devoted IOS developers who constantly strives to equip you to feature and best-adapted app development services.

Some Reasons Why You Should Use Of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is the use of the internet to promoting/marketing of product and services. Internet marketing is more so business in nature, though it can also be used for non-profit purposes as well. It is also known as online marketing or digital marketing. If you want to grow your business, Internet marketing should play a big role in your solution.


With the use of internet marketing, brands can now market their products and services to a more significant number of people. Depending on what the business specializes on, the brands can introduce their products to a target audience. Internet marketing becoming a most popular nowadays.

Here are some of the reasons why Internet marketing is important for business:-

1. Increase product awareness:-

Nowadays no one is going to buy the unknown products. So, internet marketing increases the awareness of the product through internet marketing the public can be introduced to the existence of your company, who you are, and what you can offer.

2. Cost-effectiveness:-

Internet marketing is one of the most cost-effective for advertising. For advertising of the products to the audience, you targeted in less amount as compared to other marketing.

3. Increase traffic:-

If you have a website and not getting a traffic on it. You want to increase the traffic on it, this can be done by internet marketing. If you are getting more audience on your website then, you get more benefits from this. If you are getting more click then your trust flow will increases.

4. Reaching a wider and bigger audience:-

There are some print ads, television, and other radio ads that reach to the audiences, but nowadays people are more gaining internet access. By internet marketing, you can target a wider audience that you want. Internet marketing is the platform where you target the audience that you want for your business or its beneficial for you.

5. Increase sales:-

With all these benefits of digital marketing. You also get a higher return on investment. By digital marketing, you targeted the audiences and getting more return on investment. Through internet marketing, you get more ROI as compare to other marketing.

This is the benefits of internet marketing for business. If you are looking for a digital marketing company for your brand or product promotion then. Infograins Software Solutions is one stop destination for you.

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How App Developer Can Integrate Blockchain Technology Into Business Process

Nowadays business is always swift to adopt new technology that contribute to improving growth and development. But, today integrating with blockchain technology into various business processes is a good moment. In every business or industry trying to get a loop on however best to use the technology to their own advantage.


Blockchain adopting can help enterprises with a secure, distributed and open technology which facilitate to lower prices. Today’s world app developers effectively integrate the technologies to boost business app development process.

Decentralized System:-

Here are distributed nodes which characterize the decentralized feature. This featured helps to get the transactions to get completed, offering you a security.

Improve Identification Processes:-

While in different technologies in the past that help to improve user identification processes. But blockchain adopts to use the digital signatures based identity verification processes. It helps to improved security for the business transactions.

Authentication of Data:-

Data is held on blockchain technology in a different type of formats and advantage is same security across the board. This technology helps the user to prevent fraud. In this technology, the private and public key are generated which helps to verify the user's authentication.

Secure Smart Contracts:-

App Developer is helping to increase business services by providing smart contracts. Smart contracts are highly secure and binding. Nowadays app developers using this feature to develop highly efficient apps that help to grow the businesses. Also, this helps to improve the trust and confidence among the business processes.

Secure Instant Payments:-

As your business all over the world, you do international transactions daily. Blockchain Technology has a feature to do the secure payments can make instantly. It helps to grow your business. Customers and staff alike can now receive their payment in real time and this bolsters your brand credibility.

Smart Device Connection:-

Some of the companies already have an idea to connecting devices, gadgets, etc. Via blockchain, for secure sharing of data and information. Blockchain technology upgrades the system. With blockchain technology in the place, an autonomous network is created to do device-to-device communication, update, and make decisions instantly.

Blockchain Technology has many more benefits that help to grow business. If you are looking for the blockchain application development company then Infograins is here to help you. Infograins Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. provides a top class blockchain technologies services like ICO, Smart contracts, Wallet and Exchange.

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing: What’s Right for You?

Marketing is an important part of any business which we can not ignore. It is difficult for the entrepreneur to decide which aspect of brand marketing to concentrate on; digital or traditional marketing.



What is traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing refers to the conventional methods of marketing used ever since the concept of advertisements or marketing came into existence. Traditional marketing has its own advantages that help you to grow business.

Some of the platform for brand promotion in traditional marketing:-

* Newspaper

* Radio

* Television

* Magazine ads

* Billboard advertising along roads and highways

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the new age of marketing method of the global realm. With internet benefits in every aspect of life, by digital marketing brand awareness will increases through it, but also promote your brand on a global platform to reach more customer base. By this, we can target the audience what we want.

Some of the platform to reach customer are:-

* Business networking sites (Linkedin)

* Social Media Sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

* Content Marketing

* Paid Advertising

* Blog Promotions

* Email Marketing

Digital marketing, compared to traditional marketing, is much more affordable. It is this factor too that makes it easier for all kinds and sizes of businesses to apply digital marketing strategies over traditional methods of marketing.

Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing has its own advantages but internet marketing has set a new revolution. It has some benefits over traditional marketing and some of those are:-

1. Low Cost

While advertising ads on newspaper, radio, television and other platform cost a lot, advertisement through the internet is affordable.

2. Brand Development

Brand image by digital marketing will grow fast as compare to traditional because traditional marketing has a limitation of space and internet marketing reach to people in less time. Brand awareness will increases.

3. Real-Time Result

Digital marketing gives quick results, while in traditional keeps waiting for long for the results. Through digital marketing, you can measure and view all the information such as a number of visitors, conversion rate and all.

4. Greater Exposure

Any traditional marketing platform cover a certain area or region, but from online advertisement, you can reach to the wider population or a whole world in less time period.

5. Better Engagement

Digital marketing allows interacting with the audience that is interested in you, directly contact them. You can also engage your audience in chats and discussions for registering better brand presence and gain passive advice to improve your product or service.

6. Easy Analytics

With digital marketing, it is easy to measure your marketing efforts. Google Analytics shows all data such as conversation rate, bounce rate, inbound traffic, users and all.

There are a number of other benefits when it comes to using digital marketing over traditional marketing methods.

Nowadays all brands want a result in less time period for that digital marketing is the best platform. If you are looking for brand promotion then, Infograins Software Solutions provides full-range of Digital Marketing services that allow our clients to extend and to exceed their online business goals.

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Enhance Your App Downloads by Shrinking Your App Size

Today world, we count on richer content, better images, and extra features from our mobile apps, and none of this comes at no cost! The memory of your android device has increased, an app may use an extra space it delivers a bad user experience.

Your app is going to reach many users, you have to focus on the extent of your Android Package Kit (APK). It directly affects the users who install your application.


There are some reasons why the size of your APK might be effect your App:

. Firstly user notices the size of the app and decides to install the app or not based on its information.

. Installation fails due to less space on a device.

We are going to share some features that help you to build your app in a small size.

1. Remove unused library code:

Libraries may also contain strings for a number of languages, however, if your assignment doesn’t explicitly support these languages then those strings are just adding pointless bulk on your final APK.

2. Get specific with Google Play Services:

Instead of including the entire library on your projects, use google play services.

3. Remove all unreferenced resources:

Sometimes unused resources find their way in your projects and take unnecessary space. So, remove all this unreferenced resource from your application.

4. Remove unused methods and classes:

Remove all unused methods, classes, fields, attributes and libraries from your application you developed. There are some tools (ProGuard) in android that identify these unused methods and classes.

5. Compress Images Size:

You may reduce the files size without losing image quality using tools like pngcrush and pngquant. All this allows reducing the size while the quality of images will be same.

6. Removable Debug Information:

Remove all debug related functionality from your application. An app does not use this data and android OS does not require it to run an application.

These are some techniques to reduce the size of an application. If you are looking for the app that includes this all quality in your application and helps you to grow your business then, Infograins is here to help you. Infograins is highly customized android application development company. We offer flexible engagement models for our clients as per his requirements.

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Top 5 Sector where Big Data Used in Practice

Can you imagine running your business without a deep analysis of your real-time data? Every wise businessman will give a negative answer if he is asked this question. In other words, without perfect data analysis, you cannot give your business a particular direction because you do not know the exact position of your business. For example, if you want to know the reason for the sudden decline in sales of a particular product in an area, it is tough to determine the reasons without a real-time data. And if the data is available, the main cause can be caught immediately. So, this is the main reason for the emergence of the term Big Data Analytics and nowadays, it is used in several major areas.

Let us see where Big Data is in practice!

Healthcare and Public Health

The concept of Big Data is used in the health care and public industry where big Data analytics help the researchers find new ways to cure the diseases and predict the new patterns of the diseases. The use of Big Data with the help of your phone or Smart watches may reach new levels of research or studies where collecting the data from numerous individuals is quite possible. With the help of Big Data analytics, it is possible to predict the outbreaks of disease on a large scale. And if the data from social media is included, real-time monitoring of the disease outbreaks is also possible.

Improving Sports Performance

Big Data is widely used in every sport to track the performance of the players. For example, Video analytics is used in football or baseball while Slam Tracker tool is used in Tennis. Similarly, Sensor technology is used in sports equipment to get real-time feedback with the help of Smart phones or cloud servers. Moreover, Smart devices not only track your performance but they also help you build an improved strategy for your next game.

Customer care and support:

To attract more customers or to convert the visitors into the loyal customers, it is essential to have a deep understanding of the behavior of customers. With the aim of attracting more customers, they have started to do some experiments on the data they have received with the help of social media along with using traditional ways. Using big data, it is possible for the companies to make the correct prediction about the habits or behavior of the customers and they may use such predictions to enhance the quality of customer relationship management and customer support.

Business Process Optimization

Big Data is also an integral part of all the efforts to improve or optimize business processes. Companies rely on the social media based predictions to optimize the stock and moreover, the optimization of the supply chain process or delivery chain process is also based on big data. In Addition, experts use big data analytics to optimize the HR business processes as well.

These are some important areas where Big Data Analytics Services at Infograins are used and certainly, there are several other areas where Big Data is using or going to make a big difference.

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Get Amazing Mobile Applications For Android Platform At Infograins

Android is an open source mobile operating system with the massive user base and simplified mobile app development process. Enterprises are leveraging Android and creating custom mobile apps that solve customer problems and increase value for their business.


Infograins Software Solutions is central India fastest growing mobile application company. Our expert developers have employed the latest object and functional possibilities offered by the latest Android operating systems. Infograins develop different types of android application provide top class android services to our global clients.

Some of the Applications Are:

1. Courier Service Application: We deliver the application for Courier Service by this you can get an instant quote, choose your delivery and payment options, and book the service. You can also track your parcel. The application is user-friendly and easy to use.

2. Build a Decentralized Application (DApp): Infograins develop decentralized Application for android and ios platform in blockchain technology. In this data, Information is encrypted only can be seen by the other end user.

3. Recruitment App Using Blockchain: Develop Recruitment App in this user get the perfect candidates that we want. This App tracks all records of the employe and shows the searches.

There are mobile apps developed to support business growth. Android app development company know how strategic it is to expand a business, so we have gone a long way in developing mobile apps that are very useful to business owners.

Infograins is one of the best android app development company that closely test the app for a smooth user experience and a good count of experts resources.

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What Are Smart Contracts? How It Related To Blockchain

As a Infograins is premier Blockchain Application Development company, Infograins Software Solution always try to provide you authentic information about various technologies and today, we are about to tell you something about smart contracts.

We are familiar with the traditional approach in the business when always a third party is involved between the two parties while a transaction is made. Bank institution or any government establishment may work as the third party. However, the involvement of a third party can be risky at times. After the development of the blockchain technology, businessmen are allowed to use a decentralized approach to open the door of new possibilities as the alternative to the traditional approach. A smart contract is one of such alternative models.


What is the concept of Smart Contract?

As the word ‘contract’ shows, it is not much different from the normal contract but it is a digital contract and a tiny computer program stored inside a blockchain represents it. All the terms and conditions are stored in this software and it verifies all the conditions before the execution of the terms.

We have told about the importance of the third party in the establishment of the business contract. But if we talk about a smart contract, there is no need for a third party and both of the parties may interact with each other directly.

A decentralized approach does not need the involvement of any third party and it means you have to trust the Smart Contract. Then you might have a question about the reliability of the Smart Contract.

How does a Smart Contract Work?

A Smart Contract is a coded program that generally contains specific terms that are executed only when certain conditions are satisfied.

Suppose two parties want to make a contract, they would need a platform that may serve as a third party and this platform is solely responsible for the fulfillment of agreed conditions.

There is another way to make a contract in which both of the parties make an agreement using a Smart Contract. In this case, the Smart Contract will be coded on the basis of a certain algorithm to ensure that all the agreed terms are fulfilled and both of the parties cannot cheat each other in any condition.

Advantages of Smart Contracts

As mentioned above, Smart Contract work in the scope of Blockchain technology and they are based on the same traits such as fraud resistance, safety, and security, decentralization etc. Due to the support of Blockchain technology, Smart Contracts are used as a reliable alternative for business contracts and transactions.

Some of the advantages provided by Smart Contracts are explained below:

No involvement of a third party:

As a prime advantage, Smart Contracts make the deal possible between two parties without the need of any third party or intermediate platform.


Elimination of intermediates means reduced fees and as a result, Smart Contracts are considered as an affordable concept.

Failure resistance:

There is no chance of failure since the contract does not depend on a single person and the network will continue to exist without any problem even when an individual leaves the blockchain network.

Reduced cases of fraud:

Smart Contracts are supported by Blockchain technology and thus, any malicious activity is not allowed in the extremely safe network.

If you are interested in Blockchain Application Development due to any type of requirement, we at Infograins Software Solution, may help you understand this advanced technology clearly and we are sure that we are capable of providing you reliable and safe Blockchain Solutions.

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What Is Blockchain Technology and It’s Benefits for Business

Blockchain is a decentralized technology. The global network of computers uses blockchain technology to join and manage the database that records Bitcoin transactions. That is, Bitcoin is managed by its network. Blockchain is the structure of data that represents record of a transaction. Each transaction is digitally and secure. This technology underpins digital currency like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.


Bitcoin works like to transfer the value between bitcoin wallets that includes in the blockchain. Bitcoin wallets keep encoding data called a private key, which is used for secure transactions. Blockchain is a digitized, distributed and secure ledger that guarantees for transactions and solves the trust issues between two parties when they exchange value.

Benefits of Blockchain Technology:

1. Trustworthy system: Data structure using blockchain allows users to make and verify transactions without a third-party involvement. It reduces the risk of unauthorized interference.

2. Transparency: Transaction history is becoming more transparent by using blockchain technology. It gives control of all transaction and information to the users.

3. Faster transactions: Blockchain remove third-party intermediaries, using digital documents takes less time to execute transactions.

4. Cost Efficient: Blockchain system eliminates middle man and overhead costs for exchanging assets. It is more efficient, transparent and cost-effective.

Blockchain allows the secure sharing of a business process. One of the best leading case of blockchain in business is supply chain management or tracking goods and services as they move from one point to another point. Infograins provide this all service of blockchain development.

About Infograins Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. :

Infograins Software Solutions creates custom designed blockchain programming. It is a top class blockchain application development company with successful ideas in this technology. Infograins is the perfect place to investigate the Blockchain services that can enable you to build your business efficiency.

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Social Media Promoting Tips That Assist You to Grow Your Business

Whereas it also has some disadvantages like legal issues and speedy unfold the incorrect info, you do not wish to cursed with any of those. The social media platform offers an excellent way to interact with your people but you must professional while interacting with them. Social media promotion is the best way to attract an audience.


There are some tips which help you to attract People and grow your business

Proper Planning: For social media marketing you must need a proper planning, strategies, timing, cost, quality, etc. There are many reasons in social media promotion that effects your business. You must set a proper goal for promoting your business on a different platform that helps you to grow your business.

Choose a right platform: Make a right choice of a marketing platform for your business. Check that from where you get a more targeted audience that helps your business. There are many platforms for promoting your brand, choose the right one. Choosing the wrong one will affect your results.

Don't promote too much: For social media promotion you must follow some rules, you must post a quality content to your audience. Once you post a quality content and images that attract your audience. If you are promoting continuously on social media it's going to effect on your audience and you will lose some of them. So you must follow some rules and regulation for promotion.

Audience Research: You must research your targeted audience that what age of people will help in your business. Always think like an audience. From where you get more post engagement and clicks. Create your post according to the audience like it may help you to generate an audience.

Time Factor: In social media promotion timing of posting is an important part because when you posting at that time your audience is present at that time or not. It directly affects your post engagement and likes.

Be Patience: Social media marketing doesn’t get result fast. You can’t grow your audience overnight. Post regularly on social media platforms with quality content and images. You may get good results after some time.

If you want to hire a company for your social media promotion that gets more benefits for your business, then Infograins Software Solutions is one of the best option for you.

Some Important Features That Every E-Commerce App Must Have

Having an e-commerce platform of your business is a great way to engage your customers and allow them to do business at 24x7. Mobile Application plays a lead role for that because nowadays 70% user at e-commerce from a mobile application. So, everyone wants to hire app development companies to get their E-Commerce app as quickly as possible. However, you need to ensure that your app has all the features that boost user experience and help to grow your business.

Some of the Important Features that includes an e-commerce application:

User-Friendly UI:

A good user interface allows users to complete the task they came to the app to do with ease and without confusion. An application has a good and simple design it will help a user to buy what he wants to buy. Experienced mobile app development companies are already aware that customers like easy navigation so you must design a simple and uncluttered layout.

Simple Registration Process:

Customers do not like to fill the long forms. So, make registration process simple and put all required fields that important for the business.

Multiple payment options:

Having several payment options it helps a user to check out easily, i.e no single payment option is convenient for everyone. More the payment option more the user will satisfy. It is also important to get your payment gateway from a provider that is accessible and available 24/7. It makes flexible for a user to use your best services by accepting the payment online from anywhere in this world.

Content and Images:

Content and images on the application must attractive because this all helps you to interact with the user. More the attractive images design more the user at application.


Secure application must important because the online payments will be there, user card details and many more. So secure your application.

Feedback channel:

Feedback gives you improvement ideas, it is important to seek feedback from your customers regularly. So, you should include a feedback system that is easy to use in your app. It helps you to improve your app.

This all features help to build the top class application. Infograins provide this all features in his mobile application development. We develop the application for Android and IOS. Our services are suggested with the guarantee of quality work. Infograins is known for the continuous interaction with clients & the best technical support.